A quick tour of Motion Capture

A behind the scenes explanation

Of what kind of work goes into creating Fighting Trainer

Hey everyone, we thought we’d give you a quick behind the scenes of Fighting Trainer. This will be a short overview of what kind of steps we have to take to end up with the animations you see in the app.

Recording a set of moves usually takes 1 or 2 days with one or two actors and a small team of specialists. Even the most simple of moves need about 4 or 5 takes before we’re satisfied. The studio we use is equipped with infrared cameras that record the markers on the actor’s suits from almost every angle.

Once we’re satisfied with the recording data, we start up our cleaning software. We import one of our recordings and link all the markers together, creating a digital skeleton. We then fix issues like missing markers, bones moving through each other and weird stuttering motions in the animation. For an app where you can rotate around and slow down animations it’s very important we deliver accurate data.

Once we’re satisfied with what we’ve got, we export our animations to our 3d software. Here we link our animations to the fighter character visible in the app and do more detailed tweaking. It gives us an even better perspective of what the animations looks like when executed by a human body. We compare the motions with video recordings to see what the accurate body position and movement should be. This is especially important for the animations which feature two characters, where grabs and punches need to hit their mark correctly

Once the animations have been properly cleaned, we import the data into our engine so the animation is ready to be included in the next update. Hopefully you enjoyed this read and it gave you some insight into what kind of work goes into some of these animations.

For your information For us to record 1 move, costs around €175,-!

Final Result