Knowledge Base


  • Will you please add more moves?
    • First off: Congratulations on mastering the 90+ moves provided in the app! Very impressive!
    • We try to add new moves as often as possible. But with a small team and limited resources it takes a long time. The recording process, as you can read about here, is a resource intensive process. And, as you can imagine, the recording of new moves is just one part of the work we do for the app. We appreciate your patience and understanding.
  • Will you be adding feature <X>?
    • If it's not already on the list of features we are working on. You could send us a message detailing your request. And we'll see what we can do.
  • Do I need to pay to unlock any feature?
    • No. The purchase options in the app are only to allow you to permanently disable all the ads in our app. So, even without making a payment, you will have access to all the features of the app.
  • Is the app available in my language?
    • We currently only have the English language in the app. We do plan to localize the app at a later stage, after adding some more features first.
  • Can I help you with translating the app?
    • Probably, yes! Thank you for offering. We have a form you can fill out and we'll contact you when we are ready to start the localization process together with your help.

Known Issues

  • [Android] App Crashes at start
    • Due to a bug in Android / Unity (the game engine we use to create the app), it is possible that the app crashes (almost) straight away after starting the app. The bug cannot be fixed by us, but has to be fixed by Unity (and Google). But, this seems to happen most often when the app is installed via a different way than directly through the Google Play Store. Like via an alternative website, from a backup or when someone shared the app with you. But whichever the cause, the usual way to fix this is:
      1. Uninstall the app
      2. Check to make sure you have at least 250Mb of storage space left in the main storage of your device (so, not the SD card)
      3. Download the app again from the official Google Play Store Page: here
      4. Enjoy your crash-free experience. In the case you are still facing an issue after this, you can either repeat the procedure or Contact us with as much detail as possible. Thank you.
    • Another possible cause of crashes is with a wrong version of the WebView app. This especially can happen when you recently updated the Android version of your device (often Android 7 to 8).
      1. Go to WebView on the Google Play Store: here
      2. Uninstall the WebView app.
        • Sometimes it isn't already installed. Then just continue with the next step. Nr 3.
      3. And (Re)Install the WebView app
      4. Restart your phone
      5. Enjoy your crash-free experience. In the case you are still facing an issue after this, you can either repeat the procedure or Contact us with as much detail as possible. Thank you.
  • [Android] App Crashes after/while watching a Video Ad
    • It has been know that (certain versions of) MX Player can have this effect. Please uninstall (or update) the MX Player app from your phone.
      • You may even consider temporarily uninstalling MX Player, make a purchase in our app to permanently disable ads for you, and then reinstalling MX Player.
  • [Android] Most other issues
    • Often times the issue can be resolved by doing
      • A reinstall of the app. See above at "[Android] App Crashes at start" steps 1 through 3 for instructions.
      • A restart of your device. By shutting down your device completely and turning it back on.
      • A combination of the above. So, after restarting the device, also try a reinstall again.
  • I have a different issue / I wasn't able to solve the issue with the above
    • Please let us know about it via our bug report form. Thank you very much for taking the time to fill out all the information we require to be able to assist you correctly and efficiently.